Totem pole project

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Wolf Symbolism

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First nations art and totem poles

This type of project works well as a visualization tool for a teaching unit on Native American studies and the totem pole tradition.

While appropriate any time of year, this is a fun learning active to accompany Native American Heritage Month in November. ANIMAL TRIBE – Build Your Own Totem Pole!

Cool Totem Pole Craft Projects For Kids

Purpose: To explore your totems and build a personal totem pole. This project requires the use of a computer and the use of Find your “Totem Pole” folder on your desktop and choose your. Apr 19,  · A totally terrific totem pole project! I am SUPER excited to share an amazing project that my second graders are working on right now in correlation with our Social Studies unit (cultures and customs).Author: Tori's Teacher Tips.

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Vulture Symbolism

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In the 19th century, American and European trade and settlement initially led to the growth of totem pole carving, but United States and Canadian policies and practices of acculturation and assimilation caused a decline in the development of Alaska Native and First Nations cultures and their crafts, and sharply reduced totem pole production by the end of the century.

Cool Totem Pole Craft Projects For Kids Totem pole project
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