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Plutarch's Lives: Life of Romulus [Plutarch, John Dryden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying Plutarch. Series. Part of Plutarch's Parallel Roman counterpart of Romulus is Theseus; see also Plutarch's comparison of the two men.

Edition information. Perrin translation The translation of Bernadotte Perrin, as printed in Plutarch's Lives (Loeb Classical Library).

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Plutarch's visit to Rome and business there is admirably explained in the following passage of North's 'Life of Plutarch':—"For my part, I think Plutarch was drawn to Rome by meanes of some friends he had there, especially by Sossius Senecio, that had been a Consull, who was of great estimation at that time, and namely under the Empire of Trajan.

Feb 28,  · Tags: plutarch, plutarch's lives, romulus This entry was posted on February 28, at pm and is filed under Plutarch. You can follow. Plutarch’s Life of Romulus In Plutarch’s Life of Romulusthe Greek historian chronicles Romulus’ creation of Rome, thus employing a textual element to expose the meanings behind the city’s concepts and structures.

Romulus chose what was called Roma Quadrata, or the Square Rome, and would have the city there. Remus laid out a piece of ground on the Aventine Mount, well fortified by nature, which was from him called Remonium, but now Rignarium.

Plutarchs life of romulus
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