Nipa palm fruit documentation

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Clearing the Air

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Fruit Explained

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Both models, along with documentation of the sources of the data they contain, are posted to this page. CA-GREET Inthe Board approved the original LCFS regulation order. Photo Documentation: The Dayak Head Hunter from Kalimantan In Search of the headhunting tribes of Borneo Find this Pin and more on toymechthing by Ethan.


This project has demonstrated for the first time in Australia that area wide management of Queensland fruit fly is possible in a major horticultural production area where fruit fly is a year round endemic pest. Visitors to palm inflorescences are attracted by rewards such as food, shelter and oviposition sites.

The interaction between the palm and its visiting fauna represents a trade-off between the services provided by the potential pollinators and the antagonistic activities of other insect visitors.

Nipa palm fruit documentation
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