New mexico district judge sarah singleton

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First Judicial District Court

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Martinez appointed Shaffer to the chronology. Wasatch AcademyF. Dec 04,  · This June 19, article states: First Judicial District Court Chief Judge Sarah Singleton, who is currently presiding over two closely watched lawsuits involving education funding and gubernatorial vetoes, has announced that she’ll retire at the end of August but will continue to preside over select cases and hear minor issues pro bono for several.

Does poorly educating students violate the NM constitution? A judge will decide

Sarah Singleton is Judge at New Mexico District Court. See Sarah Singleton's compensation, career history, education, & For: New Mexico District Court.

Final Recommendation

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Gov. Susana Martinez has appointed Santa Fe County's top lawyer fill a state District Court vacancy created by Judge Sarah Singleton's retirement.

First Judicial District Court

The Republican governor's appointment of County Attorney Gegory Shaffer, a Democrat, to the 1st District Court bench in Santa Fe is significant statewide because the district. That's the ruling of state District Judge Sarah Singleton, handed down last Friday from her retirement as a pro tem.

Insiders say it's a monumental decision that will transform New Mexico's education system, and the state only has until next April to come up with an overarching plan. A trial before First Judicial District Judge Sarah Singleton in Santa Fe boiled down to dueling worldviews.

District Judge Sarah Singleton decided that Martinez did not legally veto the bills so they would take effect. Singleton found that the state constitution requires a governor to explain vetoes made while the Legislature is in session so that lawmakers have an opportunity to .

New mexico district judge sarah singleton
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