Issue of campaign finance reform

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Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act

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Elections and Campaigns

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Campaign finance reform in the United States

The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of (BCRA, McCain–Feingold Act, Pub.L. –, Stat. 81, enacted March 27,H.R. ) is a United States federal law that amended the Federal Election Campaign Act ofwhich regulates the financing of political campaigns.

McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide compensation to key campaign operatives between elections.

Bernie Sanders

Inthe Arizona senator was forced to sever his formal ties. The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of (BCRA, McCain–Feingold Act, Pub.L. –, Stat. 81, enacted March 27,H.R. ) is a United States federal law that amended the Federal Election Campaign Act ofwhich regulates the financing of political chief sponsors were Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI) and John McCain (R-AZ).

The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) ofalso known as "McCain-Feingold", after its sponsors, is the most recent major federal law on campaign finance, the key provisions of which prohibited unregulated contributions (commonly referred to as "soft money") to national political parties and limited the use of corporate and union money.

New campaign finance disclosures show that Michigan's candidates for governor raised more than $6 million over the last two months.

Tax Reform: Keeping Our Promise

But outside groups, including a handful of super PACs, are pouring millions more into the race as Election Day nears.

Issue of campaign finance reform
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