Graffiti impact on society

Tattoo Psychology: Art or Self Destruction? Modern-Day Social Branding

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The Culture and Politics of Graffiti Art

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An improbable group of tattoo, hip hop, and graffiti artists wants to change the way people see Israel. Is it just too much? Looming eight feet high and stretching thirty feet from left to right, a makeshift wall stood outside the Hillel House at Rutgers University, its wonky wooden slabs the same chalky texture and bone-white color of the partition between Israel and the West Bank.

This special event will feature Shakespeare’s greatest Sonnets and tributes to Jonathan read by San Diego’s and America’s finest Actors and artists.

Graffiti art has always affected society, creating dilemmas on whether or not it is a “true form of art” or just a “rebellious act”. Why does graffiti exist? It began as a form of expression, a way of communication, and evolved to be a form of art, showing talent, and being available to all social classes.

World Population Awareness

The Perverse Effect Of Street Art On Neighborhood Gentrification Graffiti in Paris' 19th arrondissement - Bertrand Hauger The most memorable graffiti and wall murals are often demolished by the force of urban real estate development projects.

Graffiti evolved during ancient times but first impacted on modern society in the late 's, when political activists used it as a medium of revolt against governing powers. Thereafter, individual artists began to gain recognition.

Graffiti impact on society
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