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Mario Buatta Designs a 1930s John Staub House in Houston

Search for content in message boards. Names or keywords. Advanced Search. All Boards. Van allen - Family History & Genealogy Message Board who married Ida Jane (Welch). John and Sarah also had Charles Freemont Van Allen b Dec married Abigail Lutitia (Farris).

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Sarah Bartholomew Infuses a 1920s Nashville Home with Color

Change to Flat View. Bartholomew Van Allen. Professional. As a funeral director for over 30 years I have served a diverse clientele, and met a wide range of requests. It is a privilege to learn and respect the various traditions and values unique to.

Learn more about the passing of Farris Bartholomew ( - ) in Clarksburg, Tennessee and view the online obituary. Learn more about the passing of Farris Bartholomew ( - ) in Clarksburg, Tennessee and view the online obituary.

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Farris bartholomew
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