Dividend policy on share holders

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Dividend Policy

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Dividend policy is the decision to pay dividends versus retaining funds to reinvest in the firm. In theory, if the firm reinvests capital now, it will grow and can pay higher dividends in the future. What matters is. Anomalies can occur in share prices because of changes in dividend policy. When companies increase the dividend, this may cause a short-term rise in the share price as the dividend.

Determining a dividend payout policy is one of the major responsibilities of a company's board of directors. Here are some considerations. After providing for business investment, funding the progressive dividend policy and meeting our debt service obligations, the Board will keep under review the opportunity to return cash in excess of these requirements to shareholders through periodic share repurchases.

Dividend payout ratio is another important indicator: Dividend payout ratio = Dividend per share รท Earnings per share Dividend policy is the policy used by a company to decide how much it will pay out to shareholders in dividends.

In your financial accounting course, you learn that after deducting expense from the revenue, a company generates.

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