Anti back staining of denim garment

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Textile Chemical Anti Back Stain Powder

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White Polyester Polymer Powder , Enzymes In Textiles Super Efficient

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Super Anti Stainning Agent F

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Anti-back staining effect last for a long time. Direction for Usage. 1. Introduction The basic problem in enzymatic washing of denim is back- staining of detached indigo dyes on fabric surface.

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Hence, it reduces the contrast effect/fading effect, which garment washer want to produce on denim. List of Chemicals Used in Garment Washing STUDY ON CHEMICALS USED IN GARMENTS WASHING.

especially for anti-back staining during desizing and washing in denim rinsing. The basic problem in enzymatic washing of denim is back- staining of detached indigo dyes on fabric surface. Hence, it reduces the contrast effect/fading effect, which.

Acid wash denim soared in popularity during the s before dying out only to re-emerge, as a retro look, in the early s. Despite the name, these splotch-faded denim.

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ANTI BACK STAINING FOR DENIM FABRIC trade offers directory and ANTI BACK STAINING FOR DENIM FABRIC business offers list.

Trade leads from ANTI BACK STAINING FOR DENIM FABRIC Suppliers and ANTI BACK STAINING FOR DENIM FABRIC buyers provided by Wide Tem Anti Back Staining Agent Powder For Textile Auxiliary Garment Washing. Product Presentation: 1.

It can be apply to avoid the dropped dyestuff staining back to the fabric in the process of desizing and enzyme wash.

Anti back staining of denim garment
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